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Damp proofing your home can strengthen not only the house structurally but will increase its value at the same time. Many Homeowners and businesses have trusted us to solve their Damp related problems. For many years in the industry dealing in water proofing and damp. We have been able to acquire experience in solving many damp proofing issues resulting from either leaks or foundation cracks . Mzuli Water proofing and damp contractors uses only the best of local and imported guaranteed products allowing us to provide an almost permanent solution for that water deteriorating your property.

        As professional Dam proofing contractors :-

  • We not only stop unwanted water/ damp but provide almost a permanent solution.
  • We provide a written Guarantee upon completion - mostly not less than 5yrs.
  • We have the lowest guaranteed price for the value you get.

We are registered with the NHBRC ( National Home Building Registration Council ) and covered for All Risk & public liability to give clients real peace of mind . For a free no obligation quote ,contact our offices on (011) 025 7647/ 071 79 222 56 or curtis@mzuli.co.za