Professional paving installers, Brick pavers, paving construction

Improperly laid and constructed paving can cause premature deterioration of pavements in the form of cracking and surface irregularity. Such problems can largely be avoided through proper paving construction techniques and use of equipment. Mzuli paving installers will give you an excellent impression as we will Professionally lay your brick pavers around pool decks, side walks and drive ways. Paving your property will definitely increase the value of your home while improving its beauty at the same time. Choosing paving installers is the most important decision you will make for your new paving project. Mzuli paving installers service the Gauteng region doing only quality installations. We are confident that the history of work in all our projects coupled with attention to detail is one that will interest you. Contact 011 025 7647 today for a free quote.

How it is done!!

All quotations are free of charge and costs are calculated per square meter on labor supply, equipment and materials.

Paving Bedding-This is the process of laying the base and compacting it after excavation, a layer of river sand is applied for bedding. This layer provides the pavers a nice base for easier compaction and a sturdy surface.

Screeding-This involves the process of leveling the bedding sand by dragging a wooded board, such as a 2"x4", across the screed guides creating a level surface by eliminating any high spots and helping to distribute the sand evenly.

Most rectangular paving brick are molded to a specific size, usually 100mm x 200mm x 50-100mm, with exactly 50 blocks per square meter, and, because of this standard size, pavers from different manufacturers may be interchangeable, depending on tolerances and position of any spacer lugs.There are different types of pavers available in the market. These include concrete blocks, Clay blocks and smart stone cobbles. There are two methods regularly used to lay paving: Flexible and rigid construction.

Flexible construction method is most commonly used throughout the country. It is termed 'flexible construction', indicating that the blocks or bricks are laid on an unbound (cement-free) bed and the joints filled with a fine smooth sand.

Rigid Construction refers to clay bricks laid on a concrete or mortar bed with mortar joints, much as a wall, although on the horizontal plane, rather than vertical. This type of brick paving uses completely different construction methods

Mzuli paving contractors is one of the best paving company in Gauteng offering efficient and reliable service in the industry. We do quality work and aim to satisfy all our clients.



Professional paving installers, Brick pavers, paving construction

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